It’s OK.

Maybe your wedding date changed due to COVID-19 or you are planning something totally different than what you expected…hoped for…and thought about for a long time? We are here to tell you that IT IS OKAY! Stressful, yes.

Crazy, definitely.

But guess what? It can still happen. You may just need to change your mindset. If you are doing well in this process, I applaud you! If you are mad/sad/angry, that is okay, too. We will get through this together. And just remember, your big day will be so magical when it’s finally here and it will be worth it. And if you realize you need a planner, click HERE!

How COVID-19 Infected my Wedding

Secret alert! Dana, one of our lovely planners did get married during “the big C.” Read on to see how she pivoted…

I was so excited after getting engaged in the middle of the pandemic, that we got married in my neighbors front yard two weeks later. Yes, in a front yard. I’m not talking about a gorgeous yard at the most beautiful house you have ever seen either (sorry neighbors!). And not my favorite, professional photographer, but with my friend with a cell phone as the photographer. And, I happened to find a great wedding dress for $50 at an online boutique. Sadly, no family was there, only our closest neighbors and a couple close friends (and a few unwanted chiggers). It TOTALLY was not the dream wedding I had in mind, but, for what we were all going through, it was the most beautiful moment that will remain in my memory forever. Not to mention, it ended up taking a lot of stress off us as we continue to plan our actual “big” wedding coming up in May.  

How in the WORLD is this OKAY?!

So the story I just told you sounds like a nightmare, right? I promise you it was not. Watching my daughter and the little neighbors throw fresh flowers that they picked as flower girls was absolutely adorable. And seeing my husband tear up as I walked down the grassy aisle was the most heartwarming feeling. I would not change that day for anything (beside everyone getting chigger bites). Whether you decide on a small wedding like I did or you are holding out until your new big day, it is fine! You’ll get there. Use this time to make any changes you might want. Make your own thank you gifts so the guest feels like it was personal. Write your own vows. Write a note a day to your future husband and give it to him in a box on the wedding day. Just because your wedding is delayed or postponed doesn’t mean that you have to put the excitement on hold. You have the person you love with you, so make those extra days as “fiancee” count. Nothing could have prepared any of us for this pandemic and everything that came along with it. No matter what kind of wedding you decide on, just remember at the end of the day you’ve reached your goal…you two are married.

So hang in there, everything will be okay! And if you need a planner to help you during this craziness, we just might know one…

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