Name for Website STEFFY

Back in Guatemala at the age of 13, Steffy discovered the world of weddings through her mom's eyes. Her mom would take her along on events to help coordinate, and to learn how to become an event planner. She learned along the way that she loved the little details that made the event sparkle!

Steffy has been working with RK Weddings for 5 years helping on all weddings and coordinating as well. She loves what she does and can always be found fixing the details around the wedding, much like her mom taught her to do! She is a certified Wedding Planner through AACWP.

When she is not working on weddings, she loves to spend time with her large family, catch up on movies or lose herself in a good book.

About Me

What is your hometown?
Born in Guatemala, but raised in McKinney since 2004
Where did you go to school?
Dallas Baptist University
What color makes you happy?
Grey and pink!
What is your greatest extravagance?
Perfume and many purses.
Which words or phrases do you most overuse?
It's OK! or Let me Know!
What are you currently drinking:
In the quiet moments, earl grey tea. But when its time to enjoy, 1800!
Your quote to live by?
"When you are finished growing, learning and changing, you are truly finished." ~ Benjamin Franklin.
Your by far favorite wedding moment?
Well, I love to dance, so it's go to be the first dance, which means you have found your forever dance partner!
What is your one must-have for a wedding?
My wedding apron. It has all of my emergency items in it - bandaids, my phone, paper clips (which come in very handy), a sewing kit, and scissors. Sometimes you'll find a random thing in there like fishing line. 🙂 We never know what we will need!


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