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My interest in event planning started when I was six years old. On Friday nights I would arrange my stuffed kitties all around the living room, then I’d convince my grandma to order pizza, turned up the music, and I’d call the neighborhood kids over for "Cat Land Parties."

I took an Event Planning course in college and that’s when I knew I saw a future in the industry. Event planning somehow made its presence in every job I had, even in the mortgage industry. I would decorate for co-worker’s birthdays, help plan the company parties, and plan holiday celebrations. And now I plan weddings for a living, and couldn't be happier!

I currently live in McKinney with my family of four: Greg, Zachary, and Samuel. I have a Marketing Communication degree with a minor in Psychology.

Other than Wedding Planning, I enjoy hiking, swimming, and gardening. I love coffee, cats, dogs, and anything lemon flavored.

About Me

What is your hometown?
Simi Valley, CA, which is 30 miles from LA. Our family moved to Texas in 2019 and we are busy discovering it!

Where did you go to school?
California Lutheran University

What color makes you happy?
Earthy greens are my thing. I love being outside and I love design elements that bring a little bit of nature inside, for both weddings and home decor.

What is your greatest extravagance?
Purses. Definitely purses.

What are you currently drinking:
If you're reading this in the morning it's definitely coffee with carmel flavored creamer. If you're reading this in the evening I'm most likely drinking a locally brewed craft beer!

Your quote to live by?
"The best thing to hold onto in life is each other" Audrey Hepburn

Your by far favorite wedding moment?
There are so many amazing parts of every wedding, I can't choose just one. I think my all time favorite is when the couple sees each other for the first time, whether its on the aisle or a first look. I love seeing the reception set up and knowing  everything is in place that all the vendors' hard work is paying off and its time to start the party. But now I have a soft spot for the mother/son dance since becoming a mom.

What is your one must-have for a wedding?
My clipboard with the timeline, pen, scissors and a lighter.


We hired Monique as our coordinator. She came highly recommended and surpassed our expectations. Our ceremony was a traditional Jewish ceremony at a temple, then she set up at our reception venue. She made everything flow seamlessly. We had zero stress. Everyone loved her. She worked well with other vendors who she just met! Her demeanor was calm and assertive! And she also really enjoyed our joy. She even managed to easily put away items without disrupting the reception!! I highly recommend her!!

~Andrea, Bride


The decision to hire Monique as our wedding coordinator was the best decision across all our wedding vendors. She is extremely organized and on top of things, not to mention nice, personable and professional. I started looking for coordinators about four months before our wedding and talked to a few, and she seemed most down to earth - others seemed to want to run our wedding like a business when it’s, at the end of the day, a very personal event! She was also the only one willing to travel to wherever I was for an initial meeting, and had practical, helpful advice about the wedding even before I hired her! She was involved and accessible throughout the entire process, sending tips and checking in along the way. She even initiated a meeting with our venue on her own time. She has a ton of knowledge and experience and knew how to ask the right questions and offered great suggestions and ideas. Also important to note: not all coordinators are willing to stay all the way to the end of the event. She was the first one to arrive and the last to leave! Very important because by the end of the night, there’ll be a lot going on and you’ll be too tired to think straight, so you need someone there to help tie up the loose ends! Bonus (something I didn’t even think about): you need a coordinator who is a bit artistic and crafty to help set up decor and carry out your vision when you have a vision, or step in with ideas when you don’t. Monique fits the bill perfectly!

~Jenny, Bride


I cannot recommend Monique highly enough. She handled every minute detail of my 140-person wedding (and there were a LOT of vendors to juggle). Monique fielded every contract and my countless emails with grace and style. She was detail-oriented and on top of it all, from the get go. Hiring Monique was, hands down, the best money I spent on my wedding. On the big day, I didn't have to wrangle anyone, make any decisions, or figure anything out. She did it all. What a blessing. Do yourself a favor and hire her today.

~Sara, Bride

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